Blues Fests App!

UPDATE April 15th, 2014! We've temporarily removed the Blues Fest Finder app from the iTunes App store to finish up some coding and perform some very necessary, very big changes!! We anticipate the app's return around mid-June, 2014!

The Blues Fests iPhone App is the greatest way to find new and exciting blues festivals anywhere, any time, at your convenience! When you're at a festival, the Blues Fests app makes it easy and comfortable to navigate -- with stage-by-stage lineups and times, you won't miss another great act again!!
  • Find exciting blues festivals... by your location, and city or state, date, or even by artist!
  • Discover everything you want or need to know about blues festivals at your fingertips! See information, performers by stage and schedule, ticketing, vendors, and even turn-by-turn driections on iOS 6!
  • Add festivals to your calendar, right from your Blues Fest App!
  • With stage-by-stage schedule, map, vendor information, and more at your fingertips, you can use Blues Fests app as your guide AT festivals!
  • Take it with you everywhere you go... find some great blues near you at any time!